Monday, 30 November 2009

Mmmmm.... Iced Bundt Cake

Just a quick update for you as I wanted to share a Bundt that a colleague of mine, Nicola, created over the weekend. We'd been having an-over-the-coffee-machine chat when we discovered our mutual love of baking, but Nicola was a Bundt Virgin... but not for long lol!

We had a quick scan online for some example pans, with me giving it all "got that one", "got that one", "want that one" and Nicola asked to borrow one my Nordicware Heart tins.

A couple of days later a very proud Nicola came back in to the office with her first Bundt, which was a delicious Vanilla sponge, but covered and decorated in glorious tasty icing, which really made the whole thing much moister, as well as sweeter!
I'm really interested in learning more about how to do the icing and colouring (it doesn't show up clearly on the photo I took on my phone, but even the eye of the daisy in the middle is coloured differently).
Nicola said she used some kind of powder you just paint on, and she got it from Squires in Farnham, Surrey, and seeing as they're about 4 miles down the road from me, I must make the effort to get down there one weekend.

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